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1 Screen Platformer

Available now

The hardest 2,073,600 pixels you will ever play.

How fast
can you get out?

In 1 Screen Platformer all you need to do is get from one side of the screen to the other. But that means navigating past 32 harrowing traps that will destroy you in an instant.

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8 Bit Horse Review

“1 Screen Platformer offers tightly-wrapped level design to make the most of its single screen confines, but there’s only one overlap point in the environment"

AJ Johnson
Editor in Chief

Rock Paper Shotgun

"It is a fine game, but it has already served its purpose: it entertained me for roughly as many minutes as it cost in pennies, and it left me refreshed and ready to play some longer games."

Graham Smith


``No Death`` Achievements
Minutes of playtime
Difficulty settings
/100 Steam Score
Playable characters

For Speedrunners

1 Screen Platformer was built for speedrunners. The game features a built in timer, lighting fast respawns, no cutscenes, and 0 RNG. I support the speedrunning of my game 100% and promise to not patch out shortcuts or “exploits.” I do patch out significant shortcuts that harm the speedrunning of the game such as the infamous Vez shortcut

Speedrunners from around the world have found this game to be a very fun platformer to seedrun. The short run time makes it very easy to try new runs. There is an active community posting runs to the speedrun.com. See expert runs here.

For Completitionists

I like my achievements. 1 Screen Platformer has 90 achievements spaced across two difficulty levels. Playing the “difficult” level will automatically earn you all achievements on the “normal” level so you don’t have to replay easier modes.

1 Screen Platformer does NOT have any “No Death” achievements because those just suck.

The quick play time (around 90 minutes) means you can 100% this game without too much work. See a full list of achievements here. 

For Streamers

I support Let’s Plays of 1 Screen Platformer. In fact I love them. Feel free to broadcast playthroughs of 1 Screen Platformer on any platform you like. People love to watch you struggle through the challenging levels in 1 Screen Platformer. Click here for overlays and other media assets.

Frequently Asked

Does it support Linux

Not officially. However, many folks say that it works perfectly with PROTON. See this forum thread with additional tips on how to get it working. Tips for getting 1SP running on Linux

And if it doesn’t work I 100% support a no questions asked refund of the game. What have you got to lose?

Do you support controllers?

1 Screen Platformer can be played with keyboard or controller. I prefer controller. I have tested it with PS3, PS4, Steam Controller, XBOX 360, and XBOX ONE.

My game also allows you to remap every single button on the controller.

This guy also made a steam mapping for the game: Mapping Download

Why do I need to enter my email address for the 4th character

The official Return To Adventure Mountain Fun Club is a Free mailing list I offer for anyone to join. I like to think of it as a “Fan Club” for my games. I don’t SPAM people who join it I just give away cool stuff. The Zombie King is just one of those perks for being part of the club.

Ya but why do you do it?

Making a living off of games is very hard. There are so many games released every day that it is hard to get anyone to notice me. My mailing list is the best way for me to get in contact with people who like my games and earn a basic income.

Can I beta test your games?

Absolutely! I love getting feedback. Email me at iamchriszukowski ~~AT~~ gmail.com with the subject line BETA! and I will tell you what the next steps are.

What engine did you use to make your game in?

I use Gamemaker Studio 2 and I totally recommend using it. You can make games so quickly using it.

I also use the following platformer engine to do the heavy lifting of the physics.