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April 2011

This is what games should be like on XBLIG: Before I explain why, let me start at the beginning… The Microsoft Corporation of America spent millions developing the XBOX 360. They built a powerful online infrastructure in the form of XBOX Live. They coordinated with high tech manufacturers to provide the component parts for graphics

While developing a game, there is a low level unease that is not unlike a tooth ache or an ingrown toenail. Is the concept as brilliant as you think it is? Is someone else out there working on the same idea, but better? Is the market going to turn and the platform you

So this site is emerging from the ashes of Gameintestine.com. GI was a site I created when I thought the road to video games was through FAQ writing and games reporting. Although I got some press (The Escapist Magazine) and a loose contingent of fans (Kotaku), the work I was doing was very