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About Me

Hey I am Chris Zukowski and I am totally in love with making games. I have been doing this since 2011. I can’t stop doing it. The only thing I like more than making games is making people happy.

I make games that were basically in my head when I was 5 to 18 years old. I know my games are all 2D and kind of look all jagged. That is pixel art. I do that because 2D retro-looking games are easier to make (I am only a one-man-band here) but I also do that because I like the look of them and that is what I grew up with. It is kind of like that scene in Pixar’s Ratatouille where that critic ate that dish and flashed back to his child hood and he was eating his mom’s cooking. Ya that was totally me but it was when I first went down a pipe in the first Super Mario and found a whole underground cave system. Whoa I am totally getting nostalgic about that just typing this.

Quick side note. Why don’t games have cheat codes in them any more?  – I am going to fix that.

Also, why do they always take 30 hours to beat? What is with all the cut scenes and boring dialog? No more of that on my games. They are quick and fun and you can pick up where you left off and there isn’t a whole lot of BS you have to dig through to get the fun.

Back to my main story. This is about you …

I want to make you happy. Seriously I do. I want you to play my games and then smile and then go “Who is this guy?” And then go “Cool! He totally gets me and he is a GOOD DEV (TM)” and then we high-five across the internet and do a fist bump and sparks come out in slow motion.

You can get all my games on Steam. Here is a link if you don’t have it.

I also want to hear from you! I love love talking to people who play my games. I am not some stuffy game developer who is all “do not ask me what the whale symoolizes you must discover the meaning on your own.” Gross. The only thing I like more than making games and making people happy is talking about games.

A few weeks ago this guy left me a review on my game. This guy gets me and what my mission is.

Email me and tell me your favorite game of all time. Tell me your favorite genre. What was the first game that made you fall in love with video games (mine was Kings Quest I for the PC). Tell me how you liked them.