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    New version of City Tuesday in playtest: Here is what is new since you last playtested: 1) A NEW PUZZLE. It is at the end of "country world". Puzzle elements include some of the following: - An anglophile - A constant gardener - A dog with a passive aggressive bladder.   You can playtest it if you have the appHub membership

Hey so I need feedback to make sure the puzzles make sense and the menus are not too confusing. If you have an app hub membership you can download the code from the City Tuesday AppHub forum post. You should probably provide feedback right there in the forum of course you could just send me

If you think this looks like a mess, well it does because it is. I am working on the training level which means I have to make a small sampling of the major themes and trails that will be in the game. It is a cross-cut, a sampler-platter, a coming-attractions reel. All of

PacMan does not require a designer to carefully craft a puzzle mechanic. Instead, the rules and resources of the game are enforced by the some-what AI controlled ghosts. The fun of it comes from working out the escape routes that are thrust upon you by the game. Neither does Tetris. Compare that

Play testing is not the same as market testing. I have heard people bemoan the overly-thorough play-testing of games that AAA companies like Valve inflict upon their games. "Tsk Tsk", they say, "I want a game that captures the designer’s vision and hasn’t been mellowed out by generic review boards that soften games