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Return To Adventure Mountain

City Tuesday progress August 2nd

My progress on City Tuesday is still mired in the deep bowels of the game’s engine. Who would have thought that programming a time traveling world would take so much code. My current aim is to get a version of the code up that shows a cross-cut approximation of what the final version of the game will look like. It will have only 3 bombs to discover but will have the world in a nearly complete state. At that point I will be free of programming the “time physics” of the world and will be able to focus on story and new puzzles that dominate the bulk of the game.

This week I was so lucky to be featured on the “Just Press Start” podcast (episode 64). I love the podcast format because when it is executed well it can go off like a grad student defending their thesis. As the student, I was able to describe my influences, what I was hoping to achieve in the game, and argue in favor of some of the tougher bits (like the fact that the world is small and you spend a lot of time in it). Download it because it will tell you a lot more about my game than the ramblings I put out each week on this blog.

This week I am also heading up to Phoenix to show the game at the monthly International Game Developers Association meetings. There is a really great and diverse set of developers in Phoenix and I hope to get some good input on the game.

Well I gotta go get a build of it ready for test so it is time to go.