Chris Zukowski
Based in Tucson, Arizona

Release date:
18 September, 2012

XBOX Live Arcade


Regular Price:

Microsoft Points80


City Tuesday is an open world platformer game about the last five minutes before a terrorist attack. You play a man who has become stuck reliving those five minutes before the disaster. Learn the city, track down the bombs, and possibly become unstuck from time.


The idea for City Tuesday was concieved in 2010 on the BART train on the way home from the Game Developers Conference. Chris saw a particularly graphic warning sign about escaping from the train and at that moment he decided to make a game about the people stuck in this world.


  • An open world in which dozens of NPCs go about their day.
  • A time mechanic where the world resets every 5 minutes.
  • Minimalist graphics that make you feel like you are playing an infographic.
  • Creative puzzles that require you to make careful observations of the city's citizens.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Summer Indie Uprising III, featured game." www.indiegames-uprising.com

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      About Chris Zukowski

      Chris Zukowski is a designer of user interfaces and games with user interfaces. His goal is to create video games that showcase a unique visual style and demand to be interacted with in interesting ways.

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      City Tuesday Credits

      Chris Zukowski
      Programmer, Artist, Designer

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