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Return To Adventure Mountain

  • June 16, 2011

    Whilst I am slightly miffed that this game looks a bit like one I had been writing, (so, if you ever need a game that progresses on the same idea as this, I’m your man) I still really impressed by your game. I think that its art style is striking, and original, and is a great concept for a game. I was wondering though, do you plan to focus squarely on the ‘bomb-defusing’ aspect of the game, or will you devote some time to the people who will get caught in up in the terrorist attack? The thing that most interests me about this game is the player interaction with the other people, and the player having to try to get them to safety. I fear it may slide into an average adventure game if you simply focus on the bombs. That’s just my thoughts though, I only just saw the trailer today (before joystiq I might add). Looking down the Summer Uprising List though, I really hope you make the list though, as you seem to have the most original game there. Good luck dude

  • June 17, 2011

    hah, I’ve got no problems with giving you kind words. After reading your posts, looking at the (impressively made) trailer and definitely after reading that response you seem like a smart guy who thinks smart about games, something we need more of in my opinion. Whilst I’ve obviously not played it, It seems that you’ve managed to hit that sweet spot between gameplay, story and visuals that every game developer has trouble with.

    I’m the same Big Winters that now follows you on twitter, and you can do your admin thing to get my email address if you want/need some help on the finishing touches of the game, or even ideas for future games. Cheers, dude!

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